Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 compatibility


The table below shows which products are compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, and which require a special installer or an upgrade. We would also advise that you upgrade to the latest version of QuickTime for these later operating systems.

If your product does not have a version number on the packaging or disk, you can find out the version number here.

TitleVersionWindows 2000Windows XPVistaWindows 7
Breeding Birds1CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
British Butterflies1CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
British Birds8CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
British Birds9CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
British Birds ConciseCompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
BWPi 22.0.1CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
BWPi 1 & 20061 & 2006CompatibleCompatibleUpgradeUpgrade
European Birds7CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
European Birds6CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
European Birds4UpgradeComp WizardUpgradeUpgrade
British Birds7CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
British Birds5UpgradeComp WizardUpgradeUpgrade
British Birds7CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
British Birds6CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
British Birds5UpgradeComp WizardUpgradeUpgrade
British Birds4UpgradeComp WizardUpgradeUpgrade
British Birds<4UpgradeUpgradeUpgradeUpgrade
Eastern Birds1CompatibleCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Concise Guide1UpgradeComp WizardUpgradeUpgrade
Beginner's Guide1UpgradeComp WizardUpgradeUpgrade
Common Birds3UpgradeUpgradeUpgradeUpgrade
CD-Rom Butterflies1UpgradeComp WizardUpgradeUpgrade
Rarer British Birds1Compatible with Internet Explorer 6; click here for IE7 onwards

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