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This page is used to notify users of known current issues affecting the BirdGuides website and services.

Security warnings on secure pages

24/05/2017: our SSL certificate has now been renewed and the login and estore pages should now be working as normal. Apologies for any inconvenience/concern caused.

23/05/2017: users may see security warnings on log-in pages and when making a purchase. This is due to an expired SSL security certificate and there is no actual security risk. We are urgently renewing the certificate and apologise for any concern caused.

Email Alerts to aol.com addresses being blocked

27/01/2017: Our application to be whitelisted by AOL has been approved. In the interests of other AOL users, please use the "unsubscribe" links in our emails to stop receiving them, rather than flagging them as "spam".

25/01/2017: Some AOL users are reporting emails now arriving again (though some were before we took any action, so it may just have been an AOL glitch). Please if you're still not receiving email to your aol.com address.

24/01/2017: AOL appear to be blocking our emails now. We've applied to the AOL postmaster to have our servers whitelisted but users with an aol.com email address may need to use an alternative address in the meantime.

Email Alerts to btinternet.com addresses being blocked

16/11/2016: After ongoing problems with BTInternet for months, we think we've finally set up our servers in the way that BTInternet (apparently uniquely) require. Please if you're still not receiving emails.

16/05/2016: We again have a problem with BTInternet blocking emails from us to their customers. We're in urgent discussion with BTInternet but we can't say when the problem will be resolved. As before, a workaround for BTInternet users affected is to divert their emails (at www.birdguides.com/emailalert/setup) to a temporary address with an alternative provider such as Gmail.

We've also had a few (unrelated) problems with database timeouts (which will probably manifest themselves in your browser as 500 errors) over the weekend due to heavy traffic and the large number of bird reports and photographs being entered into our database. Bird News Extra users who filter their output may find that viewing the page unfiltered bypasses the problem, as the filtered pages are particularly demanding of our database server. Apologies for these problems, which we're doing our best to resolve.

23/09/2015: BTInternet tell us they have reset an internal counter and some btinternet.com customers have reported that their Email Alert messsages are arriving once more. We're seeking a long-term resolution that will meet the requirements of BTInternet's spam-filtering systems permanently.

21/09/2015: We're receiving reports suggesting that BTInternet may be blocking our emails again (possibly affecting both Email Alerts and our Weekly Newsletter). We've asked BTInternet for advice; as before, nothing has changed at our end and other ISPs are continuing to deliver our emails without difficulty. If you have an alternative address with a different provider we suggest redirecting your emails to that address (via the Email Alert setup page).

01/04/2015: Some btinternet.com users are reporting that their Email Alerts have started arriving again. Although we did finally receive a response from BT late yesterday, nothing has changed at our end.

23/03/2015: Since Thursday 19th March, Email Alert messages emailed to btinternet.com addresses are being "bounced" by BTInternet. Although BT have told some customers that the problem may be due to our mail server setup, we believe this is a BTInternet problem, since (a) the server setup has not changed for months and this problem only appeared in the last few days; and (b) other ISPs are delivering our emails without a problem. We have contacted BT for further information and await their response. In the meantime, a workaround for BTInternet users affected is to divert their emails (at www.birdguides.com/emailalert/setup) to a temporary address with an alternative provider such as Gmail.

Push notifications failing to arrive on BirdGuides iPhone app

21/01/2015: Push notifications are currently unavailable. Now resolved – apologies for the inconvenience.

Push notifications failing to arrive on BirdGuides iPhone app

19/01/2014: Push notification problem resolved – apologies for the inconvenience.

19/01/2014: Push notifications are currently unavailable – we're investigating the cause.

Text messages failing to arrive on BirdGuides Bird Text Alert

19/11/2013: SMS issue now resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience.

19/11/2013: A power outage at our SMS provider may affect text deliveries this morning. They expect the issue to be resolved shortly.

Push notifications failing to arrive on BirdGuides iPhone app

18/11/2013: A further outage, related to an expiring security certificate, has also been resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience.

14/11/2013: Intermittently recurring problem with push notifications finally resolved. Firewall issues on our server.

07/11/2013: Unfortunately the problem has returned overnight. We're in urgent communication with them to resolve the problem and to prevent further recurrences. Apologies in the meantime.

06/11/2013: The push notifications problem has now been resolved; apologies for the inconvenience.

05/11/2013: We're still investigating the problem, which seems to involve the interface between our systems and Apple; please bear with us.

04/11/2013: There is a problem with push notifications from the iPhone app. We're investigating urgently.


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