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Bird News Extra subscribers can view, for any site in our extensive database of over 14000 sites, a "site page" with lots of invaluable information to help potential visitors. This may include some or all or the following information:

  • a grid reference for the site (with a series of links to maps at different scales)
  • how to get to the site and where to park when you get there
  • photographs of the site supplied by our readers
  • key areas to visit
  • speciality species that might be encountered
  • details from the book Finding Birds in Britain, explaining where and when to find these specialities
  • any access restrictions or opening and closing times
  • links to external websites with more information
  • contact details for site wardens etc.
  • recent bird reports from that site
  • links to any recent bird photographs taken at that site
  • a list of recent rarities at other sites within 25 miles
  • a list to nearby sites

Site pages are only available to Bird News Extra subscribers. However to give you a better idea, we've decided to make one site available to everybody on a rolling basis. The current "featured site" is:

St. Agnes (Isles of Scilly) St. Agnes (Isles of Scilly)

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