Introducing the iDentify range of digital field guides


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A complete library of bird songs and calls in your pocket, plus expert commentaries from Dave Gosney to help you identify species in your garden or in the field.

iDentify is a series of CDs preloaded with fully annotated audio files ready to upload to digital music players. If you already own an iPod or other portable player that can handle standard mp3 or mp4 formats, then all you need is an iDentify CD.

Choose whichever selection of species suits your birding interests:

iDentify on an iPod
Whether you want to brush up on bird songs during your commute, or take the guide into the field to help identify those tricky warblers and flyover waders, this is the ideal product. Just follow the simple instructions which explain how to load the library of songs and calls onto your existing player. Any of the three titles will fit onto a small 256 MB player.

All the files are already carefully labelled and sorted into a menu structure that allows you to swiftly find any species when in the field. Songs, calls and commentaries can all be individually selected for each species.

As you play the tracks on your player you will see a title which tells you which bird you are listening to and, if applicable, what sort of song, call or commentary. If your player has a colour screen and can display 'album art' (e.g. latest iPod and iPod Nano) you will also see a picture of the bird while the song, call or commentary is playing.

For those of you lucky enough to own an Apple video iPod, we also have available the iPod edition of the DVD-Video Guide to British Birds. This highly acclaimed title gives you, for each of 250 species, a "mini-documentary" consisting of video footage, field guide illustrations and recordings of songs and calls combined was a fascinating and informative commentary explaining how to identify the bird and where to find the species. For further information, click here. Altogether there is almost 10 hours of material, yet it takes up only a fraction of the space on the iPod!

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Try before you buy

You can listen to examples of commentaries and bird sounds available on the British edition of iDentify (see below). Dave Gosney gives a clear and helpful explanation of the characteristics of the call. You can then listen to the call itself.

1. Storm Petrel commentary: Get the Flash Player to see this player.
2. Storm Petrel calls: Get the Flash Player to see this player.
3. Woodcock commentary: Get the Flash Player to see this player.
4. Woodcock roding: Get the Flash Player to see this player.
5. Song Thrush commentary: Get the Flash Player to see this player.
6. Song Thrush call: Get the Flash Player to see this player.
7. Song Thrush song: Get the Flash Player to see this player.

NB: iDentify European Birds only covers bird sounds, without commentaries.

The iDentify product range

  PDF data sheets
Product Price Species Species list Windows instructions Mac instructions
iDentify European Birds £24.95 516 1001KB 1001KB 96KB 96KB 94KB 94KB
iDentify British Birds £19.95 250 440KB 440KB 442KB 442KB 442KB 442KB

The iDentify range

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