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These DVDs are perfect for any birdwatcher who has been to or is planning to go to any of the featured countries, or who just wants to enjoy watching fabulous birds in the comfort of their living room.

Each tells the story of a birdwatching adventure to the chosen destination, with presenter Dave Gosney. You will get to share the excitement of finding the most sought-after species (or the disappointment of 'dipping out') and then enjoy the fantastic views of the birds on your screen. In the words of TV presenter Chris Packham, 'I love these videos by Dave Gosney. They show exactly what it's like to go birding in these places'.

Each title is a re-formatted version of one of the VHS videos in the series 'Gosney in...'. In this new DVD format, you are able to enjoy better-quality images and make use of a menu system that makes it easy to jump to different parts of the film, including the option of going directly to any species. These new titles are also significantly cheaper than the VHS versions, retailing for only £9.95 instead of £19.95, so they represent fantastic value.

Birding in Alaska

Birding in Alaska DVD Alaska has some of the wildest and most beautiful places on earth, a dream location for any birdwatcher hoping to see Arctic birds such as Snowy Owl and Gyr Falcon or charismatic seabirds such as Tufted Puffin and Crested Auklet. It's an expensive place to visit, so if you can't immediately get there yourself, this DVD is the next best thing. It tells the story of an expedition to some of Alaska's most exciting sites: to Mount Denali in search of falcons, waders, wildfowl and some elusive warblers; to Point Barrow where Snowy Owls and Long-tailed Skuas (Jaegers) hunt over tundra on which sandpipers and phalaropes are busy feeding; and to St Paul's Island, where the cliffs hold thousands of spectacular seabirds.

Birding in The Arctic/Mallorca

Birding in Mallorca/The Arctic DVD This DVD-Video includes two of our shorter "Birding in" films:

Birding in the Arctic follows Dave Gosney as he explores Arctic Lapland in June. From Finland's forests and marshes to the far northern coastline of Varanger Fjord, this is the story of a birdwatching adventure in the land of the midnight sun. Highlights include diplaying waders, stunning footage of divers, ducks and skuas and all eight species of bunting that breed in Finland. Running time 40 minutes.

In Birding In Mallorca, join Dave as he explores the birding highlights of one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. Species featured include shrikes, Bee-eaters, Serin, and the rare Eleonora's Falcon and Audouin's Gull. The perfect antidote to the chill of the Arctic! Running time 31 minutes.

Birding in Britain

Birding in Britain DVD This DVD-Video records a birdwatching tour of Britain, featuring gorgeous footage of the best birds of Speyside, Wales, Minsmere, Titchwell, Bempton and the Farnes.

Birding in China

Birding in China DVD China is becoming more accessible as a holiday destination, and who could resist the prospect of tracking down beautiful Siberian rarities? Dave Gosney visits Beidaihe, a holiday resort on the east coast that has rightly become famous as the best place in the world to see birds which are regarded in Europe as the most exciting of mega-rarities. Around Beidaihe, birds such as Pallas's and Yellow-browed Warblers are the commonest of migrants, and others such as Radde's Warbler, Dusky Warbler, Siberian Blue Robin and Yellow-breasted Bunting are seen every day. The rice paddies of Radar Marsh provide a chance to see rare pipits and waders, more of which can be found at the nearby coastal sites. To round off a magical trip Dave visits the buzzing migration hotspot of Happy Island where some of the eastern waders occur in large numbers and the bushes seethe with exotic flycatchers and thrushes.

Birding in Eastern Europe

Birding in Eastern Europe DVD Eastern Europe offers birdwatchers a chance to step back in time to an era when the countryside was relatively unexploited and still teeming with birds. Nowhere else in Europe is there such a profusion of small birds, especially warblers, flycatchers and woodpeckers, which are superbly captured on this unique DVD-video. This is the story of an expedition to Poland and Hungary that captures the richness of birdwatching in these countries, from the steppe-like plains of the Hortobágy to the wild expanses of the Biebrza marshes and including the lush forests of the Białowieża. Eastern Europe has never been more accessible; enjoy it now while it's still wild and unspoilt.

Birding in Israel

Birding in Israel DVD Israel is an outstanding destination for birdwatchers, especially in November when the many exotic resident birds such as sunbirds, bee-eaters, Blackstarts, sandgrouse, bulbuls and babblers are joined by thousands of others such as warblers, gulls, pelicans, cranes and eagles, arriving for the winter.

Birding in Morocco

Birding in Morocco DVD This DVD tells the story of a birdwatching expedition to Morocco from the marshes in the north to the deserts in the east and covering the Atlas mountains in between. It is full of gorgeous footage of many of Morocco's special birds, especially the wheatears and larks but also Desert Sparrow, Bald Ibis, Crimson-winged Finch, Marsh Owl, Crested Coot, Black-headed Bush Shrike and loads more.

Birding in Spain

Birding in Spain DVD Sun, sand and...superb birdwatching. Away from the big towns and coastal resorts, Spain has some of the finest wilderness areas in Europe and this film evocatively captures the wilderness of its unique landscapes from the Coto Doñana to the Pyrenees, covering Extremadura and the Ebro Delta too.

Birding in Texas

Birding in Texas DVD This DVD tells the story of Dave Gosney's first American birding expedition, to Texas where the coastal trees and bushes were dripping with gorgeous migrants, the estuaries were teeming with shorebirds and the marshes held an amazing variety of waterbirds.

Birding in Turkey

Birding in Turkey DVD Turkey is a land whose birdlife reflects the nature of the country: in some ways very European but with many Asiatic influences; a land where East meets West. During our visit in June we made special efforts to seek out the birds which best represent the eastern flavour of the country including some of the rarest birds in the world and others which have probably never been filmed before.

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