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The following text describes our Bird Text Alert service, which sends bird news to your mobile phone as SMS text messages. We now have another service (Bird News Anywhere) for mobile phone or PDA users which allows you to browse the latest bird news and photos as 'web pages' on your phone. These two services complement each other perfectly to provide a complete package for birdwatchers who need bird news in the field. For details of Bird News Anywhere, click here.

All the news you want, when you want it, from as little as £40 per year

How would you like to get messages like this sent to your mobile phone:

05/08 20:28 HERTS: Least Sand., Startops End Resr, Tring: moulting ad in SW corner at 20:20 & showing very well SP920136

within minutes of a bird like this being reported?

How would you like to be able to select exactly which news you want so you don't get too many messages and you can keep the cost of the service down to as little as £40 per year?

Here's how it works...

You pay an annual subscription of £40 per year (or £5 per month) and you define which news you want to have sent to your mobile phone. Your first subscription will include 100 SMS messages and these will get used up one at a time, each time we send a message to your mobile phone. The more news you ask for, the more messages you receive. If you use all 100 messages, you can 'top-up' with another 100 for only £11.50. The total cost over a year will depend on how many messages you ask for.

The key to this service is the flexibility we offer you in how you define the messages you want. You can define which level of rarity you want to hear about, in which counties, on which days. You can ask for first reports only (to avoid getting lots of updates on previously reported birds) but you can also specifically ask for all the news about any bird (if you're aiming to twitch it).You will need to define your settings on a page in the BirdGuides website but you can revisit that page at any time to amend your settings, depending on your plans. You can even change your settings from the field automatically and immediately by sending us text messages from your mobile phone.

You will be able to receive, even in the field, as much news as you want out of the 100s of reports we publish every day on the BirdGuides website. That is news that is added constantly every day of the year from early morning to almost midnight — you can be sure you won't miss any news of any rarity in Britain, and will hear within minutes of it being reported. You can also be sure that the news is reliable since our team of news-inputters have years of experience of assessing and 'publishing' bird news. That team includes several of Britain's best-known birders, including those who run the regional BirdLines for North-east and South-west England, Scotland and the Midlands.

We are not pretending that this service is better than a pager. A pager can provide an unlimited amount of news and deliver it more immediately than SMS messages. However, you may decide that you don't need ALL the news that a pager can deliver and don't mind if it sometimes arrives a few minutes later. Bird Text Alert is designed to give you all the news you actually want, in the field, without you having to pay for (and carry) a pager when you already have a mobile phone.

For the duration of your Bird Text Alert subscription you will also enjoy free access to all the articles in the BirdGuides webzine.

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