An Introduction to BirdGuides Services


This page is intended as a brief explanation to help you understand our services and the differences between them.

Our five services are:

  • Bird News Extra - browse our bird news output on the web
  • Email Alert - receive select bird reports by email
  • Bird Text Alert - receive select bird reports on your mobile phone by text message
  • Bird News Anywhere - browse our bird news output on your mobile phone or PDA (and access additional features if you use our iPhone or Android apps)
  • BirdGuides webzine - read our online magazine articles

Each is described briefly below, with links to more details if you're interested. What next? What next?

Bird News Extra

Bird News Extra screenshot
Bird News Extra is our most popular service. It allows you to check bird news on the World Wide Web from your computer, including the latest news, full access to the BirdMap and a searchable archive of thousands of sightings.

More information on Bird News Extra More information on Bird News Extra

Email Alert

The Email Alert service sends you selected bird reports by email. A typical Email Alert message looks like this:

Email Alert screenshot

You can receive messages individually as they are broadcast (as above) or receive a single digest email once every 24 hours.

More information on Email Alert More information on Email Alert

Bird Text Alert

Bird Text Alert screenshot
The Bird Text Alert service sends selected bird reports to your mobile phone by SMS text message. A typical Bird Text Alert message is shown to the left.

More information on Bird Text Alert More information on Bird Text Alert

Bird News Anywhere

Bird News Anywhere screenshot
The Bird News Anywhere service allows you to browse our bird news output on your web- or WAP-enabled mobile phone or PDA. It's a bit like a simplified version of Bird News Extra for mobile devices. A typical Bird News Anywhere screen is shown to the left.

Filtered reports
A Bird News Anywhere subscription also allows users of our free iPhone app or Android app to access more detail and additional features (e.g. filtered reports, right) that are not available in the free version.

More information on Bird News Anywhere More information on Bird News Anywhere

BirdGuides webzine

Bird News Extra screenshot
The BirdGuides webzine is an online magazine containing topical articles on bird-related subjects and a searchable archive of older articles. It includes a brief overview of recent rarities by county, but otherwise it's not really a bird news service. Some of the articles can be read by everybody, but some are restricted to subscribers. Currently, if you subscribe to any of the above services, you automatically get a subscription to the webzine as well. If you don't want a bird news service, you can subscribe to the webzine only.

What Next?

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