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Bird News Anywhere has three components: a mobile web-based service for any handset with a browser, an Android app, and an iPhone app. For information about the web-based service, click the "Mobile Web" tab below.

iPhone iconThis FAQ refers to the iPhone app; for help with the use of the mobile web service, click here.

What is Bird News Anywhere for iPhone?

The BirdGuides app offers specially designed access to the latest bird news and photos from BirdGuides.com on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Quickly and easily find what scarce and rare birds are near you, or enjoy the latest wonderful photos from our contributors. You can also upload your sightings to us, and we'll share the data with the British Trust for Ornithology (registration required). The BirdGuides app is free to download and use.

To unlock the "pro" features of your BirdGuides app we suggest you subscribe to Bird News Anywhere. This will give you access to all of our detailed news reports, and allow you to set up filters for your app. So instead of our summary reports, you'll get access to all of the detailed news on each bird:

Summary reportFull report
Free versionPro version

You can filter your news by county, region, nationally, by rarity and by species:

Filter optionsFiltered reports

Filters can be edited at any time from within the app. We plan to add other features soon. Keep your eye on the weekly newsletter or follow us on twitter for the very latest BirdGuides app news.

What does it cost?

The app is free to download. A subscription to Bird News Anywhere costs £40 per year, or £5 per month. You can top up an existing Bird News subscription for the remainder of your existing subscription for just £10. Please ring 0800 919391 during office hours and we'll be delighted to help.

The cost of using your app will vary depending on your phone contract, but we've designed the news-feed to be as sparing as possible. It's equivalent to browsing web-pages with your phone.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

The free version of the app includes summary information (species and county) on the latest sightings nationwide, the ability to view only nearby reports, and access to recently submitted photos. If you subscribe to Bird News Anywhere, you also get:

  • Full report details: including the site name and details of the exact location, numbers, plumage, directions, access details and other useful information
  • Filters: tell the app which counties, species and rarity levels you're interested in, and toggle between the full list and a filtered list at the click of a button

Further subscriber-only features may be added in future.

Where do I get it?

Download it from the App Store.

Can I try the subscriber service without paying?

Yes. You can try Bird News Anywhere free of charge for one week (apart from any connection charges levied by your phone provider). Just go to the registration page and sign up. At the end of a week, your trial will end and no payment will be taken.

I have a subscription to Bird News Extra, but not Bird News Anywhere – can I use the pro features?

No. Only Bird News Anywhere subscribers have access to the full features of the app. Subscriptions can be purchased at www.birdguides.com/subscribe, or one-off free trials are available at www.birdguides.com/trial.

What do the codes [N], [R], [A], [S] at the end of the alerts mean?

These codes indicate why you've been sent the alert:

  • [N] indicates reports that match your national setting
  • [R] indicates reports that match your regional settings
  • [A] indicates reports that match your area or county settings
  • [S] indicates reports that match your species settings

Occasionally a report may meet more than one of your criteria, in which case you may see two codes (e.g. a national mega in one of your selected counties may show the code [NA] – you won't receive such alerts twice).

I'm a Bird News Anywhere subscriber, but I'm not able to see the full information. What's wrong?

Firstly, check on the My services page that your Bird News Anywhere subscription is current and active. If so, there may be a problem that can be solved by clearing the app's cache and forcing it to refresh your credentials:

  • First, try logging out of the app, and logging back in again (being sure to use the registration that you used when subscribing).
  • If that doesn't solve the problem, try force closing the app and re-running it.
  • If all else fails, try uninstalling and then re-installing the app.

If you still have problems, quoting the email address you're using to log in, and describing the symptoms of the problem, including any error messages in full.

How do I stop my subscription from renewing automatically?

Use the App Store options on your device; for instructions, see:

   http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098 http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098

I've upgraded to the latest version of iOS and the app isn't working properly – what's going on?

On rare occasions, Apple's iOS updates may prevent some app functions from working. If you experience any difficulties using the app after upgrading your Apple mobile device's operating system, please email immediately to let us know so that we can offer support and/or resolve the issue with Apple. In the meantime, while experiencing any such difficulties we recommend using the mobile web version of the Bird News Anywhere service: head to www.birdguides.com/anywhere/setup to set up your personal bookmark and follow the instructions on that page. For FAQs on the mobile web version of Bird News Anywhere, click the "Mobile Web" tab above (or click here).

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