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It's never been easier to promote your product, services, publications, organisations and events on the UK's most popular birdwatching website.

You can now create, monitor and maintain your own online advertisements and notices via a simple online system. You decide what you want to advertise and when and we'll make sure your advert appears on the appropriate pages within our site, and that all page views and 'clickthroughs' are counted so you can monitor how effective it is.

Commercial advertisers are asked to pay a small fee in return for a given number of page views (currently £25 for 5000 page views*); non-commercial advertisers - private individuals, bird clubs, nature reserves, conservation organisations etc. - can advertise on our noticeboard without charge for a limited period (but without a limit on page views within that time). All advertisements and notices are accepted subject to approval by BirdGuides staff (see our advertising policy).

If you don't have a website you can include a phone number or postal address. You can even upload your own images to enhance your advertisement. Also you can schedule a series of adverts for the future (for example, bird clubs might like to advertise events from their forthcoming programmes). We'll make sure the right people see your advert at the right time and you can withdraw your advert whenever you like (for example if you were a private individual offering a second-hand telescope for sale, you could withdraw your advert once it sold).

The process for creating an advertisement is as follows:

Once your advert is approved, you'll receive notification automatically by email and it will start appearing immediately on various pages within our site. You can alter your advert at any time (in which case the changes will again require approval), and you can check at any time how many page views and clickthroughs your advertisement has achieved. We'll warn commercial advertisers by email when their 'bank' of page views is running low, so they can purchase more credits to prolong the lifetime of their advertisement.

If your notice is especially relevant to a particular county, you can specify it and your notice will feature on pages related to that county: on the relevant county page (see here), and on pages that refer to birdwatching sites or particular rarities in that county. In addition, all notices will appear on our Noticeboard.

  1. Click here to register your email address, if you're not already a registered user.
  2. Commercial advertisers click here to purchase advertising credits.
  3. Click here to create, monitor or alter your advertisements and notices.

If you would like to discuss other possibilities for advertising on the BirdGuides website - bespoke advertising, larger-scale advertisements, sponsorship etc. - please click here for more information and contact details.

* Commercial advertisers please note: purchasing 5000 page views means your advertisement will appear on various pages within our website 5000 times, regardless of the response. If your advert appears on one or more of our most popular pages (e.g. the Norfolk county page) this may mean your advert appears for only a week or so. Please note also that a "page view" is counted whenever your advert appears, regardless of whether a visitor clicks on the advert. Typical clickthrough rates are around 1.5%, so you might expect around 75 visits to your website from 5000 views.

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